GECO Floorcoating

The floor in your stable, warehouse or workshop is one of the most important parts in the stable or building in general. The floor is constantly being used by you, your equipment or the animals in your farm and it is therefore important to make sure the floor is well serviced. By taking good care of the floor, you increase the lifespan of the floor in the building.

By applying a coating to the floor, you can increase the lifespan of your floor. By applying a coating, the floor becomes resistant to moisture, manure or other chemical aggressive substances. Bacteria and germs have no chance to settle in the floor of your farm. Genugten Agri has developed the product GECO Floorcoating in collaboration with its suppliers. This coating can help you protect your floor and can be delivered from stock.

The product consists of a number of different components, which basically comes down to a primer and a last coating. You can also sprinkle the coating with quartz sand. By sprinkling quartz sand on the floor you create more grip. This is import for the central corridors or at the feeding station of the pigs.

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