Manure storage

Storing the manure from your stables is very important during certain seasons of the year. The manure can not be applied on the land throughout the whole year. In consultation with you and in collaboration with our suppliers we can offer you a tailored solution to store the manure.

Genugten Agri Projects B.V. has supplied and installed multiple manure storage facilities. By adding one or more manure storage facilities you can create extra storage possibilities for the manure from your stables. This can be important during certain seasons of the year. Regulations of certain governments can force you to store the manure in certain seasons. Each manure storage can be created using different materials, each with its own benefits.

Besides storing manure, these silo’s can be used to store different liquids, like water or sludge. Genugten Agri has a wide range of possibilities and sizes regarding manure storage facilities.

Are you looking create an extra storage facility for the manure in your stables? Or are you looking for a storage for water or any other liquid? Do not hesitate to contact on of our employees. They are happy to help you. You can contact them by calling +31 (0) 413 483 100 or by sending an e-mail to

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