Pits / substructure

The construction of a livestock farm starts at the drawing table. After all, a well thought-out plan provides advantages during construction and when you start using the building. Thanks to our years of experience in the construction of livestock farms, we can discuss the possibilities with you regarding the pit of your farm. We can discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the possibilities in order to design a suitable plan.

Manure removal / sewerage
Before starting with the pit floor of the farm, most projects require the construction of a sewer system for manure removal. Genugten Agri Projects B.V. supplies a complete package of drainage pipes, valves and fittings that meet the legal requirements of your country. Most commonly customers opt for a sewer system for the disposal of the manure. By using plugs, the manure can be discharged from separate departments to a pumping station where it is further discharged.

Pit floors and walls
After installing a manure discharge system, the pit floor and walls are build. All materials such as reinforcement meshes, bars, spacers and the concrete are supplied by Genugten Agri. The pit floor and walls are poured by our own employees and / or by permanent subcontractors with whom we have a long and close cooperation. The inspection on the construction site is always carried out by Genugten Agri employees to make sure the quality is as promised.

We also supply all emission-saving manure systems such as the Genugten Agri Genu-Vac flush gutter system. Other systems include the IC-V system for fattening pigs and the Sondag system for piglets. These are systems in which sloping walls are placed in the manure channels. These walls are available in a plastic or concrete version. If you are interested in a green label system, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Pig slats
Genugten Agri developed its own Multi-grid. The Multi-grid meets the highest quality requirements, KOMO certification and have a skid resistance of at least 63 Leroux. The slats meet the latest housing requirements and VAMIL rules. We have permission from the Ministry of Agriculture in the Netherlands to provide the legally required closed sections of slatted floors with slots of up to 10 mm wide for a maximum of 5%. Two adjacent slats, provided with closed parts, are seen as a separate island if a pig can lie on it. The slots in the longitudinal direction may run over the entire length.

The Multi-grids have a standard size of 60cm width x 16cm in height. They are available in lengths varying from 80cm to 310cm, each increasing by 10cm. There is a slot every 10cm across.


  • 20 mm slots in the slats for the sows
  • 18 mm slots for rearing gilts and fattening pigs
  • 10 mm for closed areas. Completely closed for a combination of closed areas or for central corridors. The width of the long slot on the side is available in 18 – 20 mm, or in a closed version. Closed areas can also be slotted.

In addition to the Multi-grid, Genugten Agri can also supply other concrete slats. We have a good business relationship with various suppliers, including Anders Beton (Veld-V concrete). We can supply all products from this supplier.

Other concrete work and products
In addition to pit floors, pit walls and pig slats, Genugten Agri also offers other works of concrete. For example; the creation of concrete silo plates, corridors, etc. The pouring of, for example, a concrete feed bunkers is also part of the activities. When pouring the corridors, Genugten Agri also supplies and installs the gutters.

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