‘Soft-Air’ Ventilation ceiling

The ‘Soft-Air’ ventilation ceiling was developed more than 25 years ago by Genugten Agri. Since then we have continuously improved and further developed our product. Improvements at the ceiling are constantly being tested at our own pig farms. With years of experience and development, we are guaranteed to supply you with one of the best systems for the ventilation of your stables.

By applying a “Soft-Air” ventilation ceiling you are assured of the best ventilation system at most days of the year. The system is simple, because no technology is involved. In addition, pre-heating of the incoming air is not necessary. Since the glass wool has a glass fiber cover, the ceilings can be cleaned without damaging the glass wool. It is optional to choose a ceiling with closed sections. This improves the air circulation in the department. There are a few big advantages that have to be taken into account. The ceiling is simple to assemble and the possibility of large free spans of the profile plates. Another additional advantage is a saving on construction costs because the roof only needs to be insulated against the heat in the summer. The ceilings are available in fire class Bs1d0. When opting for aluminum or wood wool cement boards, it is even possible to get the ceilings in fire class A.

The Soft-Air ceiling can be delivered in four variants; profiled sheets of polyester, PVC, aluminum or wood wool cement board. Each of these variants has its own advantages, which we would like to tell you more about.

In this leaflet you can find more information about the ceiling and the various variants that are possible.

Would you like more information? Please contact the employees of Genugten Agri Projects B.V. by calling +31 413 483 100 or by sending an email to info@genugten-agri.nl.

Possibilities and technical specification

Polyester soft-airPVC soft-airAluminium soft-airWood wool cement board soft-air
Material:Fiberglass reinforced polyesterPVCAluminiumWood shavings
Available colour:Light gray ca. RAL 7035WhiteBlank / grayLight brown / white
Weight material:ca. 1,6 kg /m2ca. 1,85 kg /m2ca. 2 kg /m26,4 kg /m2
Plate length:1 - 10 meter1 - 10 meter1 - 10 meter200 cm
Effective width:100 cm103,5 cm100 cm60 cm
Plate thickness:ca. 1,2 mmca. 1 mmca 0,5 mm25 mm
Maximum span:240 cm120 cm120 cm120 cm
Fire rating:B, s1, d0 (EN13501-1)A1 - DIN 4102B, s1, d0 -> option in As1d0
Perforation:Ø 6 mm, ca 2,4% open3 mm slots, ca 3,2% open

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