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For a long time Genugten Agri Projects has been an official dealer of Stienen BE. In partnership with Stienen, we can offer a large range of quality products that provide your pig farm with the latest techniques regarding the regulation of the climate in your farm. Stienen creates a wide range of farm computers, air control units, fans, alarm systems and management software. In addition to the solutions discussed below, there are many other options for your farm. Please contact one of our employees to discuss the possibilities in your farm.

In short, in collaboration with Stienen we can provide you with a user-friendly total solution so you can create a healthy climate in your farm. We look forward to help you map out the best options specified to your farm to create an optimal climate.

Interested in these techniques? Feel free to contact one of the employees of Genugten Agri Projects B.V. by calling +31 413 483 100 or by sending an e-mail to

Mitch Climate concept

Mitch is an easy to use climate concept with a focus on animal well-being and health.

  • Highly reliable
    Decentralized control. No single point of failure: any failures are limited to one room. Overviews and changes are visible at the room.
  • User-friendly
    Language-independent system with operating instructions based on icons.
  • Cost-saving
    Substantial savings on installation and cabling costs.
  • Easy to commission
    Up and running within 5 minutes. Standard configurations are available. Automatic assignment of inputs and outputs are graphical, full-colour touch screen. Graphic presentation of installation errors.
  • Easy to updaten
    Centralized distribution of updates and settings. You can copy settings quickly and easily from one room to another.

The KLC-100, KLD-100 and KL-6500 together form the very strong trio that makes up Stienen’s Mitch climate concept.

KL-6500 Management computer
The KL-6500 is placed in a central location, e.g. your office. Just touch the screen to see the current situation (e.g. via growth curves) in the various rooms and to intervene immediately in the event of any actual or imminent unsafe situations.

KLC-100 Animal house computer
One or two KLC-100s are required for your animal house. The KLC-100 measures and controls the central functions in your pig house such as: central air inlet, central exhaust, central heating and NH3. This unit has two integrated differential pressure sensors for the central duct and for a possible air scrubber.

KLD-100 Room computer
The KLD-100 measures and controls the room temperature, ventilation, heating and cooling, based on the day number, number of animals and status. You can also adjust these parameters. This intelligent measuring and control unit is also suitable as a stand-alone unit.

KL-6400 Climate and management computer for modern pig farming

  • Suitable for complete automation of any type of pig farm
  • Graphic display of all important management information
  • Clearly arranged “dashboard” with recognizable symbols
  • Can be programmed in various languages
  • USB port for updating and logging
  • Protected communication with FarmConnect en FarmRemote

This user-friendly climate and management computer is designed to be the heart of your farm. The KL-6400 controls and manages the quality of life of your animals in order to achieve optimal performance results. The computer collects all data from Stienen systems for feed weighing, silo weighing and heat exchangers and processes this data into comprehensible tables and graphs. The graphical representation of parameters such as temperature, water, feed, weight, production, relative humidity (RH), carbon dioxide (CO2) and ammonia (NH3) provide you all the important management information at a glance. The KL-6400 is easy to operate using the function keys. Because unused functions are not displayed, the control system is kept easy and transparent. The KL-6400 series is developed in the daily farm practice, in conjunction with customers for customers.

CBA-2000 series: Efficient climate control for an individual room with a direct air inlet control

  • Available with 0-10V, 6A or 12A fan control
  • One cooling and two heating control functions
  • Ventilation can be controlled in two groups
  • Built-in alarm function
  • Outside temperature measurement with alarm limit compensation
  • Displays the current ventilation and temperature
  • Can be combined with AQC air control units, Ecovent and central exhaust
  • Secure communication with FarmConnect

A good climate is essential for the performance and health of your animals. The CBA-2000 features ventilation, heating, cooling and air inlet controls to create a good living environment for your animals. The two displays keep you up to date with the current ventilation and temperature in the room. The temperature compensation control function (optional) monitors the room temperature and activates cooling when necessary. If the temperature ever rises above the set limits, an alarm message is generated. Various fans can be controlled in two groups. If the ventilation demand exceeds a certain level, the second group of fans will automatically be activated. To let the climate ‘grow’ along with your animals, you can use growth curves (four breakpoints) to program the climate control process. This lets you efficiently and economically control your animals’ primary requirements.

SGS High-pressure fans

Regelbare hogedrukventilatoren

  • Ventilating with counter-pressure
  • Low energy consumption in the control range
  • Low-noise
  • Stable pressure in the control range
  • Suitable for central exhaust systems, air washers and manure drying systems
  • A suitable solution for every situation

The Stienen SGS fans have been specially developed for easily controllable, low-noise and energy-efficient ventilation that can also be used with high counter-pressure. This makes the SGS fan ideally suited for central exhaust systems, possibly in combination with air washers and manure drying systems. Stienen BE supplies 9 different versions of these fans, so that you can always select the right solution for your specific situation.

AQC Air control unit

Accurately measuring and controlling room ventilation.

  • Reliable control, also at low air speeds
  • Rotating parts are protected against moisture and dirt by a labyrinth seal
  • Easy to install, plug & play
  • With a double or quadruple control flap
  • Accurate one-piece measuring fan
  • Minimum capacity loss due to the aerodynamic design

The excellent aerodynamic properties of the measuring fan and the control flap (double or quadruple) of the AQC enable highly reliable ventilation control. In combination with a Stienen climate computer, the AQC can be used as a measuring and control unit in a central exhaust system and as a measuring and damper unit under ventilation sockets. This unit enables the ventilation capacity to be controlled starting from 0.4 m/s. As standard, the AQC is supplied with a unique connector, guaranteeing trouble-free installation. The measuring fan has an ingenious labyrinth seal, protecting the rotating parts from dust and dirt. This guarantees a long service life.


Why produce energy if you can save energy!

  • High energy efficiency
  • For livestock farming and horticulture
  • High-speed and low-speed versions
  • Low noise level
  • Enables accurate regulation
  • CE-compliant

The main benefit of the ECO-Prop is its high energy efficiency. Its large diameter enables this Stienen fan to displace the same amount of air as conventional, smaller fans, but at a much lower speed. This has three advantages: considerable energy savings, low noise level, reduced draughts and/or dehydration symptoms. The ECO-Prop is covered in wire mesh or plastic sheeting and can be controlled accurately using the Stienen MPM-5 or SPM-6/12 power controller or a frequency controller.

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