ATES System

In both fattening pig farms and sow farms, it is necessary that the temperature in the departments does not become too high during the summer period.

This applies in particular to heavier fattening pigs, sows in group housing, lactating sows and sows in the mating shed. Research has shown that the optimal house temperature for (medium) heavy fattening pigs is lower than 19 degrees Celsius, the temperature should in any case not exceed 24 degrees. If the temperature in the department rises in the summer to, for example, 30 degrees Celsius, an average fattening pig consumes 0.4 kg less food per day, which reduces growth by approx. 150 grams per day.

The optimal temperature for a lactating sow is below 21 degrees Celsius. A higher temperature can have negative consequences for the next litter.

“A big advantage is that heating can also be done with the ATES System. The incoming air never gets colder than 7 degrees, which has a very favorable effect on the barn climate in the winter.”

More information about the ATES (Aquifer Thermal Energy Storage) System can be found in the leaflet below. If you are interested in the ATES System or if you would like to discuss your plans with the employees of Genugten Agri, you are always welcome to contact us. We are happy to help.

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