Corporate Social Responsibility at Genugten Agri

Genugten Agri believes it is important to be a responsible company which tries to find the correct balance between People, Planet and Profit. Genugten Agri tries to accomplish this balance on the following subjects:


Genugten Agri knows it is import to take good care of its employees. The working conditions of the personnel have to be optimal. Genugten Agri makes sure that the employees that are present at the construction sites have the right equipment, machines and other materials. The equipment that is being used by the personnel of Genugten Agri meet the statutory requirements and are regularly inspected.


Genugten Agri believes it is important to design a building which is durable. When Genugten Agri receives a (concept) design from the client, we start by looking at the design and try to look for more durable solutions. If the client agrees with the modifications, we alter the design so that the building is more durable. The designs are therefore always well thought-through. For example, the energy usage, the deployability and the (long) lifespan of the building are being taken into account.


Since Genugten Agri aims to be a responsible company, we expect the same from our suppliers. The materials we use in our building projects are being bought inland or abroad and always have to fulfill the legal requirements. Genugten Agri only wants to supply its customers with the best materials. To secure this quality, Genugten Agri only purchases products from suppliers that have the same standard regarding the quality of the materials.


We only have one planet, and it is smart to take care of the environment. The roof of the office and warehouse are covered with solar panels to create a source of sustainable energy. The heating in the office is regulated with geothermal heating, which is an environmental friendly solution. Besides making the office and warehouse more sustainable, we try to create an environmental friendly building design in an economic responsible way.