Our service

Our service

Genugten Agri Projects B.V. is the best possible partner for constructing your new farm. You can rely on the following certainties when you partner with us::

  • Reliable partner
    One of the most important aspects for running a construction process smoothly is the timely delivery of building materials. We make direct arrangements with most manufacturers for the delivery of these materials. For the delivery of the other materials, we partner with a select number of companies that sell building materials. This is the best guarantee for you to have a smooth running construction process. We acknowledge our responsibilities and have proper insurances. The General Terms and conditions for Contracting Work in the Construction Sector 2013 (AVA 2013) apply to our contracts. These terms and conditions clearly identify what you can expect from us.


  • Expert advice
    The employees of Genugten Agri Projects BV work daily on the construction of new farms and the renovation of old farms. Their years of experience enables them to give you the best possible advice and they will discuss the best possible implementation alternatives with you. Genugten Agri owns several pig farms where new systems are tested on a ongoing basis. You will be doing business with an experienced and expert company.


  • Clear proposal
    You will receive a clear outlined proposal from us with a detailed description of the materials used and on the planned activities. Provisional amounts are clearly indicated where applicable.


  • No unforeseen additional costs
    When the costs of additional work exceed 2.000 EUR, you will receive a written price quote from us in which we will always ask for your permission. Minor additional activities and work will be clearly specified on the invoice.


  • Agreed upon construction schedule
    We will prepare a schedule for the activities to be carried out based on the number of workable days and will guarantee a specific deadline or delivery date.


  • Interim inspections
    We monitor the construction process on a continuous basis. In collaboration with the customer various sub-deliveries will be made during the construction process, so that any deficiencies can be detected and resolved at an early stage.


  • Complaints handling procedure
    We take complaints seriously. All complaints are registered and you will receive a proposal within 7 days outlining how we would like to address the complaint and how it will be further investigated and followed up.