Housing equipment fattening pigs

Genugten Agri specializes in the construction and equipment of modern pig farms. Due to many years of experience with the development and production of pens, related equipment and the application of these systems on our own pig farms, we can supply you with tested materials that are suited for years of problem-free production.

In the leaflet below we take a closer look at some of the possibilities regarding the stable equipment for fattening pig farms. Among other things, the options regarding the pen layout, liquid feeding troughs, cast steel grids and feeding systems are examined. Besides the options in the leaflet, there are many more possibilities that are not mentioned in the leaflet. We are happy to review the options we mentioned or other option you propose.

It will be good to hear that we continuously test the latest systems and products in our own pig farms. This way we can provide you with the most recent data and we can always tell you exactly what to expect.

Interested in housing equipment for fattening pigs? Contact one of our employees by calling +31 (0) 413 483 100 or by sending an e-mail to info@genugten-agri.nl.

We are happy to help you!

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