Turn-key construction

Genugten Agri Projects B.V. specializes in the construction of modern livestock farms, primarily pig and dairy farms. Our company is specialized in working according to the ’turn-key’ principle. Turn-key basically means that Genugten Agri manages the whole project, from the granting of permits up to and including the realization of the construction, layout and technology.

Thanks to our extensive knowledge of the correct application of products and systems in the market and our own experience on various livestock farms, we succeed in unburdening our customers and remain competitive in price and quality. Via the turn-key principle we make sure our customers can work for years without any problems and that they can focus on their own work in the farm. We are building these projects throughout Europe. Our own professional employees are multidisciplinary trained. Because of this, we can deploy our employees on a project where they can stay from start to finish. Project managing follows from our main office in the Netherlands. Each project is managed by a project leader. This method offers the advantage that we can easily work anywhere in Europe, and that the customer has to deal with the same people throughout the project.

A single point of contact
One of the major advantages of building via the turn-key method is that the client only has a single point of contact. Genugten Agri takes on all tasks associated with the construction of a well-functioning farm and ensures the correct coordination of the various disicplines involved. Genugten Agri Projects B.V. arranges the preparation and, in close collaboration with you, makes a solid, effective design of the farm to be built. In doing so, we take the applicable laws, local regulations, the zoning plan and your personal wishes into account.

The trajectory
The entire process from introduction to final delivery often takes between 1,5 and 3 years, depending on the size of the project, response time/decision-making and cooperation of the (local) government. Obtaining a permit often takes between 1 and 2 years and the construction process itself takes between 8 and 15 months. If there is already a design and/or a permit, we can also make a quotation for the realisation of the existing design.

Chapters of 'Turn-key' construction

1Introductory meeting - orientationO-1
2Quotation for making the design;O-1
3Visiting the construction site;O-1
4First design;1-3
5Planning of how and how much animals to place in the farm;1-3
1-3. Construction drawings / design drawings
4.0 Ventilation system incl. calculations;
Electricity plan incl. calculations;
6.0 Heating system incl. calculations;
7.0 Stable equipment and water connections;
8.0 Feeding system incl. calculations;
9.0 Manure storage;
9.5 Designs for fencing, loading dock etc.
7Finalizing the design;2-4
8Local architect supervises the permit application;4-5
9Construction calculations;4-5
10Environmental expert bureau prepares EIA report;4-6
11Obtaining permit(s) from (local) government6-20
12Quotation for turn-key realization;2-4
13Converting design into construction drawings/detailed drawings2-5
14Carrying out construction, including stable equipment and installations5-15
15Final delivery.12-20

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